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Welcome to Women of the Metaverse.  This is the last episode of season 1.  But we will be back in the new year. Season 2 is already mapped out and we are excited to bring you more knowledge and news about this digital universe.

We want to end on an episode that will get you thinking.  We have mentioned many times that Women are getting left behind in the opportunities in Web 3.0.  Whilst in certain areas, it shows they are actually more prolific. In terms of investment and roles, the gender gap appears the same as it does in any other industry.

Our message is simple we want to give women a voice in this space. We want this episode and all of the previous 32 episodes to inspire you to do your own research and to look at your own brand and come up with ideas for how you can transition into Web 3.0, how you can create tokens and how you can build your own world. We want women of Web 3.0 to be a force in this digital world.

We are talking about our plans for 2023 and we want to hear about yours.

We can’t thank you enjoy for all of your support and we have loved every minute of bringing you season 1 of Women of the Metaverse.




We hope you enjoyed the show and that it inspired some ideas. Join us next week to delve further into the Metaverse

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Show Transcription


Welcome to Women of the Metaverse. I am Cheryl


Lalo. I am Angela Harney. We have been and are still on a journey to discover the Metaverse with 3.0 NFTs and anything that we are required to know to join this world. Swells


from this podcast. We will help you to unlock how the metaphor is going to impact your.

Your business and even your personal life.


Join us as we take the mystery out of this new digital universe.


Welcome to this episode of Women of the Meta. First. This is our last episode of Season one. Yay . We will return next year with a new season, so we wanted to end with a high and leave you thinking over the holiday period. My friendship with Angela grew out of learning for well over a decade. We have shared our research and findings with each other.

We have done courses together, and we still meet every Monday to talk about what we’re interested in, set ourselves challenges, and hold each other accountable. About a year ago, we started sending each other videos and images about this new digital. Whether it was about NFTs, the Metaverse 3D technology, how VR was being used, who was getting involved, and many other things, we then started to realize that this was a very, very, very male dominated space.

This fueled our motivation to start this


podcast. So here we are, 33 episodes later. Can you relate that 33 episodes? It’s phone by. And the idea for this episode to end the season came about because of Kathy Hackle. We have mentioned her in many of our episodes. She is a force for women in this area and recognize the importance of this digital world before most people.

She is a powerful example of how you can build a brand in this arena. She is prolific and is the go-to guest for all podcasts on this subject, and she’s flying the flag for women. But our admiration for Kathy also fuels our frustration. We wanna hear from more women. We know there are more women than just Kathy, and we have listed some in previous episodes and we have found more, but still not.

We wanna see more women lead the charge and be recognized for doing so. Not enough, Cheryl. Absolutely.


There’s not enough and we wanna change it. Every time we see a blog it, there’s always a picture of Kathy Hackle, or I know you mention her a lot, is the godmother of the Metaverse, which is stick for her.


Yes. Yeah. But it just shows just that. There is opportunity for more women to get involved because Cathy Hackle is everywhere. Everybody knows Cathy Hackle. Like Joe said, it’s brilliant, brilliant for her cuz she, she caught onto it much quicker than anybody else. But it just shows that there is not enough women involved as well.

She has been doing


it for seven years.


Yeah. Long time. Yeah.


The imbalance of women in this area mirrors real life businesses. In November, 2022, consultancy firm, uh, McKinsey published a report. The article was titled, even In The Metaverse, women Remain Locked Out of Leadership Roles. We’ve actually taken a lot of data from this report for this episode because it is up to date and also because there is a very limited data in this area.

We could not find the equivalent for the report in the uk, which


is really poor, isn’t it? Can’t find anything. Yeah, it’s quite


disappointing. Yeah, there was a global one, but you know, the US kind of lead the way unfortunately. So they do, they do. The report states that the gender gap in the metaphor almost.

What exists in the Fortune 500 companies and startups where less than 10% of CEOs are women and only 17% of venture capital dollars go to women led and women co-led companies. However, what did come out of the report was in certain areas, women seem to be more involved in the


metaverse. This is actually a direct quote from the article, which is really interest.

Said, the reality is that women are spending more time in the proto metaverse than men are, and according to our data, are more likely to spearhead and implement metaverse initiatives. However, just as in the tech sector as a whole, women represent a minority in the metaverse economy, which is.


We went into recording this podcast thinking that we knew a lot and over the last 33 episodes, our knowledge has excessively grown.

But what has been the biggest gift was how much our passion for this has really been fueled further. Angela, with her new found love for Dows. Oh,


, it’s


so exciting. 15. And me with my excitement over digital fashion in episode 20.


What was it you told


me? If I was a teenager in this, in this area, I would definitely be teaching myself how to design digital wearables for Roblox or for any other gaming site.

I would definitely be involved.


Yeah, I’d probably be sitting in your room with your iPad drawing.


Yeah, definitely. Yeah,


without a doubt. Yeah. Just look at the fabricant and what they have done is in. Yes. So yeah, their example. In fact, another Kathy Heckle quote that I saw, she said, the world’s next cocoa Chanel is a 10 year old girl who’s currently designing avatar skins on Roblox.

Which is so true, so true. Definitely. We wanted this episode to inspire you, to urge you to do some research of your. To not be blocked by technology, but to understand the opportunities that Web Three offers you. To use the last 32 episodes to learn and expand your mind and think of the possibilities for your brand.

This digital world is a toddler who doesn’t know where it will be in its old age, and you have the chance to paint your own masterpiece. In this new world, there are no limits. As women, we may have to fight harder, but the more of us that put our ideas into action, the more success we can all have.


So we are going to throw our hats in the ring and tell you what we plan to do, but we want to hear from you.

So we have, well, we would like to create our own NFT collection tokens or coins. We’re still looking into that and we’re excited to see and map this out as we both have many ideas on that. We,


this one drives me crazy. We just need to, like I know of so many different collection ideas just every


week imagine, say, well we could do this, we could do that.

And I’m like, So we need to find one that we both agree on. But um, we also want to obviously continue our podcast in season twos coming next year. Um, and we’ve got a roadmap for that. So that’s all planned out. Uh, we’ve gonna see you more in horizon work rooms in our studio down by the beach. Yes. Uh, we would love to grow this community.

So if you have been enjoying, uh, season one, please do share it with a friend. And Angela can’t help herself and she’s still looking at.


Definitely I am in love with them. We really urge you to keep going if it is not clear at the moment. Then don’t be put off because it will start to become clearer. It took us four months to finally write episode 28 about tokens.

We are not kidding you. Every few weeks we, we said, oh, we should do the token episode. And then when we went to do it, we were just like, no, this is, we’ll do it next week. We’ll do it next week. We’ll do it next week. We do it next week. Because we just couldn’t get our heads around it. And then when we started to write it, it was like, oh, I get it now.

Everything we’ve been talking about, this is easy, so don’t, don’t be put off because all of a sudden the the pieces will come together and you will understand it. We want to


thank you all for supporting Women of the Meta First podcast. We could not have done it without you, and we’ve been blown away by the support.

Absolutely. We have one simple aim and that is to give women a voice in this. We support all women of Web three, and we look forward to hearing all about your projects in 2023. We’ll see you then. Bye


for now. Bye.

Thank you for listening to this episode of Women of the Metaverse.


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