Farewell to Season 2

In this episode, we say farewell to Season 2. In the last episode of the season, we recap what we have learned and enjoyed. What surprised us, what may surprise you?

We also discuss what will be up and coming in Season 3.

We do want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has listened, commented and supported us through another season of Women of the Metaverse.

21. What is the FlyFish Club?
36. What is Starbucks Odessey?
40. What is ChatGPt and why you should be using it
41. How will AI change the world?
44. What is Midjourney?
45. What is a Smart Contract?
48. What is a Web3 Domain?
49. What is VerseLuxe?
55. The Wedding Industry in Web3

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Cheryl: Welcome to Women of the Metaverse. I am Cheryl Laidlaw. 

[00:00:08] Angela: I am Angela Harkness. We have been and are still on a journey to discover the Metaverse, Web 3. 0, NFTs and anything that we are required to know to join this world. 

[00:00:21] Cheryl: From this podcast, we will help you to unlock how The Metaverse is going to impact your brand, your business, and even your personal life.

[00:00:30] Angela: Join us as we take the mystery out of this new digital universe.

[00:00:38] Cheryl: Welcome to Women of The Metaverse. In this episode, the last episode of Season 2, we’re going to reflect back on all the episodes. What we’ve learnt, which episode we enjoyed the most. What surprised us and what is coming for season three. So without further ado, first question is for [00:01:00] Angela. How would you summarize the main theme of this season, Angela?

[00:01:06] Angela: AI, just AI, AI, AI is gone crazy because bearing in mind when we started recording. This season, chat, I can’t remember whether we had recorded an episode, but chat GPT came out in November of last year. And the first season of this season two came out in January. So we didn’t talk about chat GPT for a few episodes and just the craziness of it.

[00:01:37] Cheryl: And now we wrote it, didn’t we? A few times because it 

[00:01:40] Angela: was just, yeah, because every week updating changed. And I think at the moment. The scale of which people or businesses are putting out AI products is just exponentially faster than anything else. And now we [00:02:00] have, we’ve got chat GPT and mid journey and then BARD, and then everyone is putting out their own AI version.

[00:02:07] Angela: So I think that over anything, and we didn’t expect it. That’s what’s weird about this whole. Environment, this web environment, we, AI wasn’t on our radar when we finished season one. So, yeah, that’s the theme. 

[00:02:22] Cheryl: Definitely. I completely agree with you. And what was the most challenging episode to record this 

[00:02:29] Angela: season?

[00:02:31] Angela: The most challenging? Oh God, I would say, I would maybe say that AI once again, just because everything changed so quickly. So we might record an episode and then. Cause we try and record a month in advance. So we write a month in advance and by the time we’d written something, it had changed. So that probably was the initially trying to just keep up with it and understand what people needed to know about it.[00:03:00] 

[00:03:00] Angela: That was probably the most challenging thing this season. Yeah. We 

[00:03:03] Cheryl: did have to change a few episodes around in order to just, yeah, we did release it so that it wouldn’t be out of a date. 

[00:03:08] Angela: Yes. Or we would write an episode and then somebody would come out of AI and we’d think, oh, that’s important information.

[00:03:15] Angela: We should add it. So yeah. Those were the ones that were like, Oh my God, we’ve got to change it again.

[00:03:24] Angela: So Cheryl, question for you. What did you learn with regard to the importance of avatars across brands? Cause we talked about those a lot. 

[00:03:33] Cheryl: Yes. I loved working and researching all about avatars and actually as a result, I learned how easy it was to actually create them and just how gorgeous they can be. I mean, obviously they don’t have to be gorgeous.

[00:03:47] Cheryl: They could be ugly and robotic and. All the rest of it, but we actually got into a groove where Andrew and I were sending each other avatars, um, just for our own pleasure, you know, and we’re like, this [00:04:00] could be a poster on the wall. Yeah. Um, yeah. And I still haven’t done my London web girl avatar yet, but I just need half a day to just go in and create her.

[00:04:12] Cheryl: Um, because, you know, I need some more mini me’s. 

[00:04:17] Angela: If you, if you listen back to season one, how much we, and when I say we, I probably mean me, complained about the avatar that we did in Meta for, you know, Horizon and how terrible it was and how like a cartoon it was compared to what an avatar can look like now, which is a real person.

[00:04:41] Angela: Yeah. That’s incredible. And I think the other thing too, we were trying to get across with season two is. How they can become part of your brand and how they can be used alongside yourself, if you’re the face of your brand. Definitely. I 

[00:04:58] Cheryl: mean, we’ve got our [00:05:00] hours, don’t we? And we’ve, we, what we’re, what we’ve done is from season one to season two, they’ve changed up and then in season three, we’ll probably change them up, but they’re going to 

[00:05:09] Angela: change.

[00:05:12] Angela: Cause in, in season two, we changed the outfits and I think you might’ve changed your hair.

[00:05:20] Angela: In season three, they, they are going to look like real people. So. That’s how much the technology has come on. But I think of all the things, if you, if you’re not a fan of the technology, avatars are something that you could do quite easily and add them to your brand. So 

[00:05:43] Cheryl: definitely, definitely going to have a look at the mid journey episode that we did this.

[00:05:49] Cheryl: Yes. This season and we’ve got the discord one that’s just been released as well, but, um, yeah, have a little look, have a little explore. It’s good fun. Yeah. Have a [00:06:00] play. So what was your favorite moment or episode from this 

[00:06:04] Angela: season? I was, I’m going to say the episode we did about weddings. So weddings in web three, and there are a few of these type of episodes where we talked about industries.

[00:06:17] Angela: So fitness, food and drink, different beauty we did, and it’s because of the creativity and you look at how businesses are being really creative about the metaverse and about how they use. All the components of it. So NFTs and the metaverse and AI to create things. Smart contracts as well. Smart contracts.

[00:06:42] Angela: I, I 

[00:06:43] Cheryl: just. It was a clever episode. Um, I think that Angela wanted to pack her bags and, and literally. 

[00:06:47] Angela: Start a wedding. Yeah. A wedding visit. But I think listening to those episodes, even if you think, well, I’ve got nothing to do with weddings. What it gives you is [00:07:00] ideas about what you could do in your own brand.

[00:07:03] Angela: And I think the other thing that. It helps to do is you don’t have to go all in. So there’s some lovely ideas on the wedding industry where a couple have exchanged NFTs as gifts. So they, that’s smart contracts, that’s NFTs, that’s, you know, there’s different components of it. The ideas that you could take from that, those are the sort of episodes I really enjoy when that was a good one.

[00:07:30] Angela: I did. 

[00:07:30] Cheryl: Yeah. It was 

[00:07:31] Angela: a good one. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So Cheryl. Which episode or moment did you enjoy the most and why? 

[00:07:39] Cheryl: For me, my favorite episode was Where Three Domains. And I think that was because before I Did any research again? I just was like, why are we having web free domains? What’s the difference? Um, but there’s a whole load of difference between a web 2 domain and a web [00:08:00] 3 domain, which I had no idea about until I delved in and did the research for the episode.

[00:08:06] Cheryl: So the fact that you can keep everything on your web 3, it’s kind of like your base.

[00:08:14] Cheryl: Yeah. Basically. So that I, well, I think that that was a rather interesting and informative, um, episode, not just for myself, but for the listeners too. So, um, definitely. 

[00:08:28] Angela: Yeah. And they’re cheap to buy too. So you should snap yours up now. They’re one off 

[00:08:33] Cheryl: payments as well, whereas web2 domains are annual payments of like 11 quid.

[00:08:38] Cheryl: So. Plus the hosting. Yeah. Thanks. Well, yeah. Yeah, yeah. 

[00:08:42] Angela: Absolutely. So it can, and you don’t own your, you don’t really own it, do you? Because No. You have to rent it. Yeah. Whereas you own your web three domain. 

[00:08:56] Cheryl: So Angela, was there any surprises for you in [00:09:00] this season? Any unexpected insights or revelations?

[00:09:04] Angela: Okay, so the surprise isn’t gonna be a surprise. It was AI just, it just came at us like when we were planning season two wasn’t on the radar. So that was, um, a big one. I think the other unexpected insights or revelations also was the NFT market really dropped. So the actual pieces of art that you would buy, they dropped drastically in price.

[00:09:32] Angela: But the use of tokens and how brands are using tokens was a bit of a surprise because we hadn’t thought about it. And Gary Vaynerchuk, I can’t remember, I think that was season one, we may have done that. But then you look at things like Starbucks Odyssey that have brought out their digital tokens. And also we did an episode about Kathy Hackle’s Lux, um, Lux, First Lux jewelry collection, [00:10:00] where she used, where she’s got a NFC and she uses tokens and smart contracts.

[00:10:06] Angela: So I think that, that was a big revelation around how you can use tokens in your business. And I really liked that again, cause you can get incredibly creative. It’s not expensive. You can do it yourself. And the same, we just spoke about the wedding episode where a couple created tokens and smart contracts as a gift for each other.

[00:10:27] Angela: So that probably was a bit of a surprise as well. We weren’t expecting, because we thought the NFT market was going to go crazy. And actually it wasn’t that it became more about the use of tokens. Yeah, I’d agree with that. Okay, Cheryl, one for you. How have your views on the Metaverse changed this season?

[00:10:48] Cheryl: Well, it actually has. And that is because of all the, I’m going to say again, episodes.

[00:10:59] Cheryl: That is because all [00:11:00] the TikToks that I’ve watched

[00:11:05] Cheryl: on doing research, on the metaphors, on what’s coming, what’s, you know, there’s so much controversial information out there in terms of. Is it actually going to be a thing now I have learned that gamers are so over the sort of VR, um, aspect of the meta of the metaverse, but the 2d versions that they still play in their room or wherever they’re, you know, playing is, is actually the metaverse.

[00:11:38] Cheryl: It doesn’t actually mean that we’re going to be immersed into this world. So when we started the podcast, I was very much like in the. thoughts that we would have a world that we would walk into all the time. But I realize now that the metaphors doesn’t actually mean that it’s a 3d immersive world because.[00:12:00] 

[00:12:00] Cheryl: We’re going to be using these kind of tools in the fashion houses as we walk in and it will scan our bodies and it’ll be able to show us every single dress in the shop. So by doing all the research from this episode, it’s made me realize that there’s elements that will be entwined into our lives that we might not even realize is, metaverse.

[00:12:26] Angela: I think giving it a name has meant people think it. Think of it as a thing. Yes. And it’s a collection of technologies that just continue to grow and expand. And you are using it today and you are now even realizing it. Yeah. And you’re speaking to companies who are using it. So yeah. When you hear these kind of videos or.

[00:12:54] Angela: Narrative that, oh, the metaverse is dying and it’s never going. It’s not true because [00:13:00] technology exists. It exists. Yeah. Yes. So yeah, that’s a good 

[00:13:04] Cheryl: one. So how has hosting this season affected you personally? 

[00:13:11] Angela: The I got is almost a little bit of panic because trying to keep up and you think, oh, I need to do this and I need to learn this and I need to know this.

[00:13:23] Angela: So, yeah, the more you 

[00:13:24] Cheryl: learn, the more you learn, the more you want to do and get 

[00:13:27] Angela: involved in it more. Yes. And also TikTok, because now my algorithm feeds me this information, I’m constantly getting hit with videos that, Oh, you should be doing this and you can make all this money doing this. And you shouldn’t.

[00:13:42] Angela: So I would say I’ve loved it because I’ve learned a huge amount again, had we not been doing this podcast, I maybe wouldn’t have learned as much, but yeah, there is an element of. Um, not panic, maybe frustration that I need to, 

[00:13:59] Cheryl: um, more [00:14:00] time, more spare time, 

[00:14:01] Angela: more time and also sort of try and pinpoint how we want to take advantage or make use of, and also for my own brand.

[00:14:12] Angela: What I can use it for. So yeah, that’s, that’s, it has affected me because everything has changed so 

[00:14:18] Cheryl: quickly. And also what the listeners don’t know is that Angela’s made a whole brand, a new brand behind the scenes that I absolutely adore. Um, so it’s all to be revealed very, very soon, but this is all off of the back of knowing and researching throughout this season two for sure.

[00:14:38] Cheryl: Yes. 

[00:14:40] Angela: Okay. For you, Cheryl, what valuable skills or insights have you gained from this season? For me, 

[00:14:48] Cheryl: it’s definitely prompting. Yes. Prompting has been a key to making my life more streamlined, [00:15:00] more process driven. I, I haven’t been diagnosed, but I think I’ve got ADHD and it’s just made my life so much easier, um, in terms of using mid journey, creating images.

[00:15:16] Cheryl: I mean. Our whole podcast now is done using AI, um, mid journey images, but in order to create them, you need to learn how to prompt, which basically means what you’re feeding the machine, same with chat GTP, what, what it kicks out is always. Um, it, it, it depends how good you, you know, you feed the machine, how good the prompt is.

[00:15:43] Cheryl: Yeah. So for me, my valuable skill is prompting. That’s such a good one. 

[00:15:48] Angela: Yeah. That’s such a good one because if you look at when we first started mid journey is a perfect one because you really get this visual of how good you are and are not. And [00:16:00] we look at some of the images we first started to create for the, you know, cover on the social media for the podcast.

[00:16:08] Angela: And you look at what comes out now. I mean, obviously mid journey also have gone through change. So what mid journey gives you is way better. But the, but Cheryl and I, some have really learned to prompt well, to get the results we want to ask the right question. So yeah, that’s a really good one. And if you’re looking for a skill, learn to prompt.

[00:16:32] Cheryl: Yeah, definitely. I’m part of a Facebook group for prompting and, and they share the results of some of the things that, you know, it’s 

[00:16:40] Angela: very, very funny. And something I showed Cheryl one the other day I was doing for. Some social media images and I had one that gave me three legs. So you still get those and the hands are really bad.

[00:16:52] Angela: But 

[00:16:52] Cheryl: you know, I had yesterday, which I didn’t screenshot because I was, I was, um, I was, uh, in the office, but [00:17:00] I, uh, I was doing it. a networking event for one of my new, my new clients. And, um, there was a, a man and a woman, well, basically a woman’s legs. So she had a skirt, a mini skirt on with high heels. And then the top half of him, she, them, um, was a man in a suit.

[00:17:24] Cheryl: I thought that was 

[00:17:24] Angela: really funny. The other one that we, we had to get round as well is Cheryl was doing some Images of a woman. Of a woman, and she was trying to get around, was it about 50 years old? Oh, yeah. And, and it was given, it’s a bit ageist mid Yes. 

[00:17:40] Cheryl: Because it was, you’re either really young or you’re really old.

[00:17:43] Cheryl: Mid, mid journey. There’s, there’s no, 

[00:17:45] Angela: there’s no middle ground. Yeah. So, but then it’s all part of it is learning how that skill of prompting to get what you want. Yeah. But of all the skills that you can learn that are gonna help you in your job in the future. [00:18:00] It is prompting and understanding AI. 

[00:18:04] Cheryl: So, Angela, can you share a memorable comment or question we received from a listener this 

[00:18:11] Angela: season?

[00:18:12] Angela: So, I was talking to somebody about the podcast and about Mid Journey and ChatGPT, and they didn’t know about it. They had heard of it, well, they’d heard of ChatGPT, but they hadn’t heard of Mid Journey. And I was really shocked about this because this particular person does work in a social media industry.

[00:18:40] Angela: And I showed her some stuff that you could do and talk to her again about prompting. I think probably Cheryl and I are so immersed in this because of how much research we, we do that that was memorable to me because it, it [00:19:00] showed me that there are still so many people who are not even diving into it, not even.

[00:19:06] Angela: Understanding what’s out there that could help their businesses or help them to retain their career. And yeah, I do find it a little worrying, to be honest with you, because people are concerned about it, yet it’s there for you to learn. And I mean, Google itself has, I think it’s like 10 courses that are free to understand this.

[00:19:28] Angela: A lot of them actually have free courses. So that was probably the most memorable. We’re so immersed in it. That I was really shocked, particularly because of the industry she worked in, that she didn’t even know about certain AI, um, apps or tools she could use. 

[00:19:47] Cheryl: It’s still very much a taboo subject, which.

[00:19:51] Cheryl: Always shocks Andrew and I, because we’ve been researching it for about two and a half years now. So you, you know, you are a little bit taken back. [00:20:00] Is it only, um, what’s the, I think we’ve already said the stat on, 

[00:20:04] Angela: on the season. I was thinking the same thing. Yeah, were you? I 

[00:20:10] Cheryl: was trying of people have used, have used chat GTP.

[00:20:14] Cheryl: Something like that. But only 2% something. 

[00:20:16] Angela: It’s, we’re trying to find the stat if we can. It is definitely in an episode. But it is incredibly low and what concerns me is there’s so many people talking about how they fear for their jobs because of AI and you think, well, if you learn it, you could create something from it.

[00:20:34] Angela: So either it could help you stay in your job or you could create something else from it. You can’t fight it. It’s here. And companies are going to use it and, you know, many companies are maybe not going to use it very ethically. So some people will lose their jobs, but what it creates is a whole world of opportunity for you as well.

[00:20:55] Angela: So you could create a film yourself [00:21:00] just using the tools that are available to you, or you can write a book. And I don’t mean in a way where you just go into chat GPT and say, write a book for me, but you can write it faster. You can automate, you can. Um, create video, you can create graphics. So I think that’s probably the thing that shocked me the most is how people are resistant to using it or don’t even know what exists.

[00:21:32] Angela: Okay. Cheryl, what’s one behind the scenes fact about our podcast? that our listeners might find surprising. 

[00:21:41] Cheryl: Okay, well, we do everything ourselves from, obviously we do our own researching, then we do the scripting, and then we edit, then we transcribe it. Then we put it on YouTube. Then we… 

[00:21:59] Angela: What else [00:22:00] Do all the social media.

[00:22:02] Cheryl: Obviously we do the socials. Um, so yeah, there’s not one, you know, it’s hard work. We put all our efforts into um, making sure that the episodes go out. We got the right equipment and we’re usually doing it in our PJs. 

[00:22:22] Angela: We’re recording this at nine o’clock in the morning. Yeah. Yeah. I think that’s what I’m dressed like this time.

[00:22:29] Angela: Yes. I was usually wearing a dressing gown, but Cheryl, fully dressed, wear a dressing gown anyway. Any season. Yeah. With a, with a hot water bottle. Sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. But yes. So there are many times where. Um, we have to stop recording because Amazon is at the door or my dad needs something or the dog is barking or the plumber arrives or just, so yeah, so I think, and it’s a [00:23:00] lot of work.

[00:23:01] Angela: We, we don’t outsource anything. So I think mate, that’s a good one. 

[00:23:06] Cheryl: So can you give our listeners a sneak peek of what’s coming in season three, Angela? 

[00:23:13] Angela: Yes. We had a, we had a chat about this quite a while ago. But, and I, it comes a little bit off some of the comments that we’ve had from our clients just in general.

[00:23:26] Angela: And what we’re going to do in season three is actually go back to episodes we have already recorded and break them down a little more for, um, to try and make them easier to understand or because we now understand it more, we can give more information. And also we’re going to look at some of the projects.

[00:23:50] Angela: And see how they are doing. So will the women bought a yacht club? Are they still as successful? What are their plans? Yeah. So yeah, we are just, [00:24:00] we, we are now gonna try and go back over and, and give you more information, I think. Yes. Yeah. 

[00:24:07] Cheryl: Well, we also noticed in season two that there’s been a lot of talk about automation, which basically goes hand in hand with ai and we’re gonna dive.

[00:24:20] Cheryl: A little bit more into how we can automate things, but again, it’s just about the research and downtime. Yeah. So I think that’s a good one to, um, to, to include for season three.

[00:24:37] Angela: Okay. So personally, I would like to say thank you so much to everybody that listened to the podcast and fed back and gave us comments and just have been here supporting us. We’ve had some lovely comments from people. So I just want to say thank you very much. 

[00:24:55] Cheryl: Absolutely. I’m going to echo that. If you would like to leave a little review, it would [00:25:00] really help us climb the ranks in our podcast charts.

[00:25:05] Cheryl: And if there’s anything that you would like to learn more in season three, then do drop us a little, um, I was going to say tweet then. 

[00:25:15] Angela: Yeah. I don’t know what they call it. You can drop us a thread, I guess. Yeah. A thread 

[00:25:20] Cheryl: or a Insta message or anything or an email 

[00:25:24] Angela: or TikTok. Anywhere 

[00:25:28] Cheryl: and let us know what you want to pick up the phone and no, uh, just let us know what you’d like to learn more.

[00:25:34] Cheryl: If you want us to break down a certain category, we would love to hear your 

[00:25:39] Angela: thoughts too. So we hope you have enjoyed this episode. Join us in season three as we continue our journey into the Metaverse. Bye for now. Goodbye.

[00:25:54] Angela: Thank you for listening to this episode of Women of the Metaverse. 

[00:25:59] Cheryl: You can find [00:26:00] all information, links, and people we talked about in the show notes on our website. 

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[00:26:09] Cheryl: Join us again in the next episode as we continue this exciting metaverse journey.