65. Fitness in Web3

By |2023-08-03T10:57:43+00:00August 21, 2023|Gamification, Metaverse, NFTs, Season 2, Web 3.0|

Fitness in Web3 In this episode, we tackle the Fitness industry. We are discussing how forward-thinking businesses and utilising Web3 technologies, along with traditional methods to grow their brands. As always we are discussing how you can use these ideas to start to transition your business into [...]

63. Beauty in the Metaverse

By |2023-08-03T11:01:48+00:00August 7, 2023|Avatars, Metaverse, Season 2, Tokens|

Beauty in the Metaverse In this episode, we discuss how beauty brands are using creative ways to move into the Metaverse. We talk about how you can some of these ideas and use them for your own brand. MENTIONED IN THIS WEBSITE Metaverse Beauty Week - https://www.metaversebeautyweek.com/ Decentraland [...]

59. Dating in the Metaverse

By |2023-07-10T09:50:55+00:00July 10, 2023|Metaverse, Season 2|

In this episode of Women of the Metaverse, we explore the evolving landscape of 'Dating in the Metaverse'. We delve into online dating trends, the shift to virtual reality dating, and the emergence of immersive virtual venues and social spaces for fostering connections. We share intriguing insights, personal experiences, and discuss important considerations like privacy, safety, and consent in this expanding digital frontier.

53. The future of Influencers in Web3

By |2023-06-25T19:40:33+00:00May 29, 2023|AI, Metaverse, Season 2|

The Future of Influencers in Web3 In this episode, we are discussing the current creator industry and how Web3 may change the influencer market. MENTIONED IN THIS WEBSITE Dentranland - https://decentraland.org/ Roblox - https://www.roblox.com/ The Sandbox - https://www.sandbox.game/en/   PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Lil Miquela - https://www.instagram.com/lilmiquela/ Hummusbirrd - https://www.tiktok.com/@hummusbirrd ARTICLES [...]

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