What is ChatGPT and why you should be using it.

In this episode, we are talking about the incredible launch of ChatGPT and how it will, along with other AI tools, completely change how we work and generate in our businesses.

ChatGPT – https://chat.openai.com/chat
Open AI – https://openai.com/
WebChatGPT – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/webchatgpt-chatgpt-with-i/lpfemeioodjbpieminkklglpmhlngfcn
Merlin – https://merlin.foyer.work/
Microsoft Bing Waitlist – https://www.bing.com/new?form=MY028Z&OCID=MY028Z

Justin | Startups & AI – Justin Fineberg – https://www.tiktok.com/@justinfineberg
Rachel | AI & Startupfounder – the.rachel.woods – https://www.tiktok.com/@the.rachel.woods
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Show Transcription

[00:00:00] Cheryl: Welcome to Women of the Metaverse. I am Cheryl Laidlaw

[00:00:07] Angela: I am Angela Harkness. We have been and are still on a journey to discover the Metaverse with 3.0 NFTs and anything that we are required to know to join this world 

[00:00:20] Cheryl: from. From this podcast, we will help you to unlock how the metaverse is going to impact your business, and even, even your personal life. 

[00:00:30] Angela: Join us as we take the mystery out of this new digital universe. 

[00:00:38] Cheryl: Welcome to Women of the Metaverse. In this episode, we are talking about chat, G P T. I am sure that you have heard of it, and even if you haven’t checked it out yet, the speed of which this has launched has been incredible reaching 1 million subscribers in the first [00:01:00] week.

[00:01:00] Cheryl: We actually recorded this episode a few weeks ago, but between recording the episode and editing. There was so much more information that came out that we decided to let things calm down for a bit before we published this episode. 

[00:01:17] Angela: Before we even get going, we are gonna claim that it will be life changing, whether you want it to be or not.

[00:01:24] Angela: Since the launch of chat, G p T, the number of idols that have come out or we have been made, made aware of is madness. They are coming at us from everywhere. Our purpose for this podcast is to make you aware of what is going on in this digital world and to guide you to get involved rather than spirit.

[00:01:47] Angela: The change to businesses using these tools is already happening. Therefore, we want you to be at the fourth grant, or you could get left behind if you immerse and utilize these [00:02:00] tools. It could be life-changing in your. , it could create a new career for you. And as a business owner, depending on what your business is, it could elevate your brand by be you becoming an expert AI within what you do.

[00:02:15] Angela: It could save you a ton of time and money, which will enable you to focus on other things. And if you start now, it will make your brand stand out because trust us, Cheryl and I from experience, know how slow people are to accept and adopt. , if you are listening to this podcast, we know you’re not one of them.

[00:02:37] Angela: So how do you think it’s going to change in your business? How do you think you are gonna use it? 

[00:02:42] Cheryl: Well, I’ve been using chat G P T to help me write proposals and emails. Now, there’s been a lot of chats. in regards to blog writing, but at this moment in time, I don’t actually advise [00:03:00] using chat G P T to write blogs because the content that’s gonna come out as a result over the next good few years yeah, is gonna be very similar.

[00:03:12] Cheryl: And again, until AI advances, it’s just not gonna be original content. So I’m using it predominantly to guide me and help me with my, um, newsletter, writing a few emails and proposals. 

[00:03:34] Angela: Yeah, and it’s practice, isn’t it as well, especially with those prompts. Yeah. , the first thing we recommend you do if you haven’t already, obviously once you’ve finished listening to this episode, is to go to chat g p t and we’ll leave a link in the show.

[00:03:51] Angela: Create an account, which is very easy to do. It’s free and have a play. G B T 

[00:03:59] Cheryl: [00:04:00] shortfall. Generative pre-training Transformer is a type of language model developed by Open ai. Actually, open AI have been around for a little while. There is an area called the Playground. It allows you to do what chat g p t does with just, but just a little bit more complex to use.

[00:04:25] Cheryl: Chat. G P T actually sits over the top of open ai, which has created an easier way for you to get results. You can still use the playground, which is what a lot of people do when they can’t get onto chat, G T P, which can be very often, I mean, I, I often. Log on and can’t get 

[00:04:47] Angela: access to it. Yeah. I don’t have the say, I don’t have as much problem every so often, but I do.

[00:04:51] Angela: I don’t have as much problem with the as you do. 

[00:04:54] Cheryl: Yeah. Mine’s every other day. Maybe I use it too often. . A lot of experts actually say it’s [00:05:00] better. It’s a better way of learning how to use ai. Chat. G P T is designed to generate human-like text by predicting the next word in a sentence based on the context of the words that come before it.

[00:05:18] Cheryl: So for example, if you asked chat g p t to write you a blog post about going to the beach and swimming in the. It will assume correctly that the next word is going to be c. The list of things that can be done using this is endless, but just a list of few. So we’ve got create chat bot responses. It can summarize large pieces of text, which we do that a lot for our mm-hmm.

[00:05:50] Cheryl: podcast. Mm-hmm. create social media captions from large pieces of texts. That’s, that’s an excellent um, hack. Learn your style of writing and [00:06:00] create content in that style. Generate business ideas. Create Facebook ads, write business plan layouts, create prompts for other AI software, correct coding errors, create brand guidelines, write cvs and create content calendars.

[00:06:23] Cheryl: And again, the list goes on. That was just really a few. 

[00:06:27] Angela: I did a really, a couple, I had my nieces around a couple of weeks. and one of my nieces is a prison guard. So I was saying, what is it you would write? What is it you would need to do? And she said that when someone leaves prison, they would need to write a plan for, to help them, um, sort of incorporate back into society and get a job.

[00:06:50] Angela: So we asked chat g p t to do it, and it wrote up this big. and my niece was sat there going, oh yeah, that’s really good. , essentially, [00:07:00] that’s essentially right. And then my other niece is, um, in wedding planning. So she asked, um, we asked it to give us a wedding plan and an outline what needed to be considered for an Asian wedding, for a seek wedding.

[00:07:14] Angela: And again, it gave this big long list. And um, my niece’s like, yeah, that’s pretty good actually. . So just some of the things that you can, you can consider. , you know, for your own purpose is amazing. It even made it onto a saw a post on Mum’s net the other day where they were talking about it and all the women, what they were using, chat, G p T.

[00:07:36] Angela: So it’s getting more and more popular. It’s not just a thing for us geeks. 

[00:07:41] Cheryl: Absolutely. I mean, the first thing I asked it to do was to write me a, um, a Christmas out the, you know, a funny out of office Christmas themed. Yes. 

[00:07:51] Angela: It was good though. It came up with some good ones. Fun. It was fun, yeah. Used it where the skill lies with chat, G P T and all [00:08:00] AI software is writing prompts or as it’s being called prompt.

[00:08:05] Angela: because that is how you are going to get really good at ai. So prompts are how you get chat G p T to give you the responses that you want and or need. For example, one of the ways we have used it is to upload a transcript from our podcast and then ask it to create a series of tweets and other social media posts to which we asked it to include the link to the episode and certain hashtags, which it took less than a minute to.

[00:08:34] Angela: If you have a business as a health coach, you could ask chat g b T to give you a list of 10 trends in the health industry, or create a list of 10 blog post ideas, or take a current piece of content as we have done and repurpose it for social media content pieces. If you owned a cafe and you were inventing a new letter, you could ask it to come up with 10 named.

[00:08:57] Angela: The latte based on the ingredients. [00:09:00] If you are creating a business plan, you could ask it to create an outline of an avatar based on what you plan to do in your business. If you wanted to put services into media, you could ask it to act like a PR expert and write a press release for you. The key to this is to be so proficient at prompt engineering that it becomes second nature and you have complete control over the information you want to.

[00:09:26] Angela: We are gonna talk more in later podcasts about where you can learn this chat. G P T does have its limits though, so Cheryl, what are 

[00:09:35] Cheryl: they? Okay, so it’s not trained on data for anything after 2021. So it can limit what you can find out. So for example, our first episode of this season. Was what we can expect from web three in 2023.

[00:09:53] Cheryl: It was able to give us information as to what may trend this year, but was unable [00:10:00] to give us information as to what is happening such as events. But this is where the advancement of technology is coming at us at such a speed already. There are extensions that enable you to push the boundaries on chat.

[00:10:14] Cheryl: G P. For example, web chat, G P T, which you can get from the Google Chrome Store, adds up to date web results to your prompt answers. Another one is Merlin, which enables use to use chat G P T in any website. Whilst there are limitations, there are already tools that are being launched to overcome what is what it currently can’t do.

[00:10:42] Cheryl: However, since it launched, there has been discussions about chat G P T four, which is said to be exceptionally more powerful and the current than the current version. Also, Microsoft has opened its wait list for a new version of its [00:11:00] search. Bing, which is the second largest search engine after Google using version four of chat G P T.

[00:11:09] Cheryl: Some of the early signups have already 

[00:11:12] Angela: got access. Yes, so I saw that on TikTok yesterday. One of the guys that had signed up for the wait list has already got access to it now and is using it and playing with it and says it’s really good. I’ve 

[00:11:26] Cheryl: heard lots of rumors that it is going to be exceptional.

[00:11:30] Angela: Yeah. Well, he said that he’d already changed his default browser to be this. Now, um, I’m, 

[00:11:36] Cheryl: I am, I’m also hearing the same rumors. Is Bing gonna take over Google? That’s the question. 

[00:11:44] Angela: Yeah. . Because Google had a launch that w rumored wasn’t very good there. Ai so it’s it. . Honestly, by the time you listen to this episode, there could be 50 other versions out.

[00:11:58] Angela: It’s just happening [00:12:00] so quickly 

[00:12:01] Cheryl: and I that, and, and Google don’t always get it right. There have been a number of things that Google have got incredibly wrong. Yeah. Including, what was it Google? 

[00:12:14] Angela: Well, like we like the social media platform. Remember when we used to use the Google Plus Google, Google Plus such a, a epic fail.

[00:12:22] Angela: Yeah. But it was such a good platform, right? But sometimes you can’t be late to the party with these things, can you? So me? Yeah. So you may, if you are listening to this in six months time, the whole landscape could just be completely different. It’s just, it’s crazy how quickly these things are coming.

[00:12:40] Angela: There are a few things we wanted to chat about, warn you about and discuss First, see the fear factor. There is always fear when big changes come about, and this does seem to be a big change. Similar to web two, this feels like a step change, not just a gradual change. [00:13:00] We have already seen and heard discussions about people being worried about their jobs, which you know is understand.

[00:13:08] Angela: it is taking over the world and why can’t things stay as they are? And I actually read that on a forum, which I was like, oh dear, why do they have to change things? Yeah. It’s sad that people Like, what? Like spend time fearing that, isn’t it? So, because nothing stays the same, regardless of what age you are.

[00:13:29] Angela: If you look at what you as a, as a child compared to what you have access to now, just nothing stays the. . Everything evolves. Jobs that exist today, including social media managers, did not exist 15 years ago. Will people lose their jobs? Sadly, yes. But new jobs will be created and jobs we can’t even fathom will emerge.

[00:13:53] Angela: But those of you who embrace this technology, learn it, and create from it will either stand out [00:14:00] in your current job or we create new jobs or businesses. Expect to see Chief AI officers in corporations fairly soon. I saw one of the first job spec for a prompt engineer offering a salary of between 250,000 K to 350,000 K.

[00:14:21] Angela: This is a job for people who are good at asking questions. If you are a detailed person, this could be a goldmine for you. If you are not, and you are like me, a much bigger. , you can start to think and advise on on ideas as to how it can be used. It’s all about the prompts. 

[00:14:41] Cheryl: All about the prompts. Yeah. I mean, I feel the hope the whole of season two will be about prompts.

[00:14:47] Angela: Yeah. Yeah. I think in the next year you are gonna say prompts more times than you have ever said in your entire life. Agreed. Agreed. 

[00:14:59] Cheryl: Poor [00:15:00] content if you thought there was a lot of content out there. Now we are about to be hit with an increased amount of content that we cannot even begin to imagine, but a lot of it will be very low standard because many people are using it straight from chat, G P T.

[00:15:20] Cheryl: But this is where standing out becomes important. The quality of what you produce and remaining authentic as yourself, but also as your brand is critical to ensuring that your brand stands out. So this is really important as because, again, again, I think we’ve just spoken about this in another, another episode.

[00:15:44] Cheryl: This isn’t a quick fix chat. G p t is not here to, um, copy paste, copy paste, no quick fix. Um, and there’ll be a lot of crap out there that’s duplicated from [00:16:00] chat G P T. 

[00:16:01] Angela: Yes, I agree. I you have to now it, the authenticity is gonna be a word that’s used a lot and there are a lot of creators. that are just really just being themselves and not using sort of fancy hooks or following the crowd.

[00:16:22] Angela: And I think you have to make sure with chat, g p t and all the other AI that you just don’t become a copy version. It would be very easy, you know, I see it all the time on TikTok with PA people saying, I’ve just created a, um, clothing brand using chat G P T and mid. and okay, but probably somebody else can go in and do the same thing.

[00:16:46] Angela: So what becomes really important is standing out and knowing what your brand is. Yes. And it doesn’t have to be complex. Your brand doesn’t have to be complex. If you think of people like Mrs. Hinch on Instagram, she got became [00:17:00] popular cuz she genuinely just loves cleaning and she has a very specific way of doing it and a very specific look.

[00:17:06] Angela: And that’s how she grew. And then there’s people like Keith Lee. Who is the food reviewer on TikTok has very strong values about who he’s helping and what he’s trying to do, but it’s not complex. There’s nothing major, there’s nothing fancy past about it. It just, he’s being himself and he knows what he wants to achieve.

[00:17:27] Angela: That’s what’s gonna become important over all of this ai. I think I agree. Okay, this third one, this, I’ve been ranting to Cheryl about this a little bit because it is time to bump me a bit, and that is jumping on the bandwagon. This is one thing that I think is important at the recording of this episode.

[00:17:51] Angela: Chat, g p t has only been out for a couple of months. So if you have not used it yet, which is 99% of people, [00:18:00] you are only a couple of months behind other people. But already we have seen the usual jump on the bandwagon merchant. It is amazing that more people are getting involved and a lot more discussions are taking place.

[00:18:15] Angela: But there is an area in the coaching industry that I don’t. and these principles go against the principles for Web three and all that surrounds it, which is more aligned with building a community and sharing. So we have seen a number of people put out Zoom calls and free downloads and courses that you sign up to, which is encouraging you to enter their funnel.

[00:18:41] Angela: But most of these people I know have never spoken about being involved in anything to do with the meta. We have three tokens in ai, which means they are coming to you with very little knowledge. So do your research and look to people you [00:19:00] trust, but also know that there is so much free information. I don’t know the count, but on TikTok alone, my fyp is full of people giving away free information about how you can change your business, how you can create a business ideas about.

[00:19:17] Angela: How you can train chap chat g p t to work how you want it to. The content you need to learn is there and it’s free. You do not need to be signing up to any list that understand how this work and people pushing out free content of people who have been looking at it and researching it for years, and they know how to use open AI play.

[00:19:42] Angela: Here’s just a few content creators that we respect and we will leave the link in the show notes. So Justin’s startups and AI is constantly giving out business ideas that can be created using chat, G p T, how to write your prompts, new developments, [00:20:00] and what he’s learning. And he puts that incredibly detailed content.

[00:20:04] Angela: He’s really. . And then there’s Rachel, who’s an AI startup and founder, same as Justin, puts some incredible content and has been in the AI industry for way longer than two months. Her, in fact, her name is known in the industry and was, she was recently at the launch for the new Goo Google version of Chat, G P T, so she knows what she’s talking about.

[00:20:26] Angela: And then there’s a guy that has an account called the AI Learning Lab, who again puts out content on all things AI and what is going. These are just three where you can learn way more than many of these. Sign up to my, whatever you have only been interested in since Jack d p t came out. So just, that’s just a warning cuz I sing a lot and it’s starting to really frustrate me a lot.

[00:20:53] Cheryl: I’m gonna do Angela in she, she, she texts me and said, now guess who else has been jumping on the Yeah. [00:21:00] GP gpt. 

[00:21:03] Angela: But if you think. how long we have been looking at it. Before we even started talking about the podcast, it was about a year back to forwards, and there’s a lot of people who have been talking about it for so long and it’s, yeah, and it’s fantastic that more people are into it and talking about it, but when they’re trying to sell you something or get you into a funnel to sign up to where you’re gonna get constant emails for all the other things that they.

[00:21:30] Angela: you don’t need to because YouTube and TikTok are your friends here. Just go and look to them for the information you need. Cause it’s of course it’s way better content podcast, Angela and our podcast. Yeah, our podcast as well. But just, you know, if, if somebody that you are seeing these like sign up to my Zoom call.

[00:21:50] Angela: If they’ve never spoken about any of this before November, then they don’t know much more than you. So just, just, you know. Pick who you get [00:22:00] your information from. That’s all we’re saying. Okay. 

[00:22:04] Cheryl: Chat. G P T is just the start. I have recently put out a notification to sign up for a paid version, which will be coming out at around $20 per month, which will give you more powerful access, but the free version will still be available.

[00:22:21] Cheryl: Not only that, but other big players. I’m sure fairly soon be bringing out their own versions. Google, apple and Microsoft, which have just talked about, are all slated for releases in the near future. So you’ve 

[00:22:38] Angela: already talked about Microsoft. Anyway, this is how quickly it moves between us writing it and recording it.

[00:22:46] Angela: So Mic Microsoft have already got their Bing version coming out, but 

[00:22:50] Cheryl: literally we wrote this last week. 

[00:22:52] Angela: So yeah, we wrote this . How quick it. 

[00:22:56] Cheryl: And we’ve got a few weeks until this 

[00:22:57] Angela: comes out as well. Yeah. Yeah. [00:23:00] All of the 

[00:23:01] Cheryl: subjects we’ve talked about, we cannot urge you enough to start your AI journey. The speed at which this has hit is incredible, and if you don’t start, it will be very easily left behind scrambling to catch up to people who have thrown themselves into it.

[00:23:16] Cheryl: You don’t need much to start. It’s not like you the metaverse, where you need to fork out for a VR headset. You just have it at your fingertips already. It is also not complex to use. You don’t need to be technical, but the skill, as we’ve said, is learning how to prompt. Don’t simply add this to your to-do list.

[00:23:35] Cheryl: Start the date, keep up. The link is in our show notes. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this episode. Join us next week as we continue our journey into the manifest. See 

[00:23:47] Angela: you then. Bye for now.

[00:23:52] Angela: Thank you for listening to this episode of Women of the Metaverse. 

[00:23:57] Cheryl: You can find all information, links and [00:24:00] people we talked about in the show notes on our website. If you have enjoyed 

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