What is Midjourney?

In this episode we talk about Midjourney  and the exciting images that can be created by using this AI tool.


Midjourney – https://www.midjourney.com/app
Discord – https://discord.com
Prompt Hero – https://prompthero.com
Chat GPT – https://chat.openai.com/chat

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Show Transcript

Cheryl: [00:00:00] Welcome to Women of the Metaverse. I am Cheryl Laidlaw. 

Angela: I am Angela Harkness. We have been and are still on a journey to discover the Metaverse with 3.0 NFTs and anything that we are required to know to join this world. 

Cheryl: From this podcast, we will help you to unlock how the Metaverse is going to impact your brand, your business, and even your personal 

Angela: life.

Join us as we take the mystery out of this new digital universe. 

Cheryl: Welcome to Women of the Metaverse. In this episode, we are talking about Mid Journey. The reason we have dedicated a whole episode to Mid Journey is purely because Andrew and. Are hooked. But no, seriously, this tool is super creative and it produces the most amazing images using AI technology.[00:01:00] 

So Angela, what is Mid Journey? 

Angela: Okay. Mid Journey is simply an AI based art generator. It creates beautiful images based on your imagination. To use it, you will need to use a prompt. We have talked about this in other episodes about ai. Prompt engineering is a skill that is gonna get you far. Simply put, the Mid journey bot breaks down the words and phrases in a prompt into smaller pieces called tokens to generate an image.

A well-crafted Trump can help make unique and exciting images. That’s why your imagination needs to be on point. So if you. Imagine a white horse galloping in a field in the sunshine, it would produce four different visuals using that simple description. But you can go a step further and say, imagine a [00:02:00] blue-eyed white shiny horse galloping in a field of pink roses at dawn with a Japanese rider in full samurai attire in a fantasy vibrant background in an acrylic painted.

the four different versions would be far more detailed. , that is the thing. The prompts. 

Cheryl: The prompts. It’s all about the prompts. Um, so when I was exploring Mid Journey, again, it was really basic just asking. Mid journey for the most, you know, basic of of descriptions, using basic descriptions. But once we delved a little bit deeper, we realized there are so many pages on the internet dedicated to prompts.

Yes. . Um, we have, we have actually found a few cheat sheets and we’ve put them in the show notes. Yes. But it’s a really interesting, um, [00:03:00] I, I think it’s an, it is part of this new AI world and it’s, it’s kind of a bit of a co bit of coding really, isn’t it, Angela? Yeah. 

Angela: I think if you know somebody at work who’s one of those really annoying people who can’t stop asking questions, when you think surely there is nothing else to.

and this one person comes in and asks a question, they are gonna be the people that are brilliant at Prompt Engineering because they are. Cuz I’m not good, I’m not a detailed person, so I can see an image in my head, but I can’t break it down to what I want it to be. But detailed people will be so good at prompt engineering, but some of the images you can get from it are incredible.

Just incredible. 

Cheryl: I think the good thing about the three op, the free option of four Mid Journey, is that you can see other people’s prompts. Yes. And what they’re using and how, and the images that they’re getting as a result. Yeah. So it’s really good to [00:04:00] go and see how other people are using. Yeah. 

Angela: I think that, I think now you, there are so many places like Prompt Tero is a really good one because it shows you the image and it shows you the prompt so you can kind of get an.

but that skill alone, wow. It’s gonna make you a lot of money. Definitely. 

Cheryl: So if you are below the age of 18 and you really get far, 

Angela: start learning. Start learning. Yes. 

Cheryl: So let’s talk about the cost of it journey. So it’s free for the first 25 images, but you will need a Discord account to access the AI robot, and you will need to join a room.

Newbies, and that’s where you can start generating your first mid journey. Image, if you really love it, after your 25 images are used up, then you can upgrade for $10, um, or $30. Or for [00:05:00] corporate, uh, you can upgrade for $600 per month, which is much cheaper than iStock or stock account. Yeah, I mean, I know we both had subscriptions to shutter stock and iStock over the years.

Yeah. And. And again, we can spend so long looking for that particular image. 

Angela: And also you see it everywhere. You then see it everywhere. Yes. They just get used and used and used. But also the thing I would say about the 25 images, be very careful cuz it’s so easy to use them up really quickly just with one prompt.

Cuz you get the prompt and you’re like, oh, that’s not quite right. And then you regenerate it and regenerate it and it’s really easy to use it up. Just play 

Cheryl: carefully with it. I, I think that you have to use those 25 to actually explore. 

Angela: Yes. Yeah. But if you’re gonna make a decision to stop paying a monthly subscription is like, just, [00:06:00] and you are thinking about it, just, you know, phase your 25 images, cuz it’s very easy to use them on just one prompt.

Cuz you just keep going, generate, generate, generate. So just be warned. . Be careful. Heads up guys. 

Cheryl: So what are we using these images for? So you can create AI generated characters in books or book cover. You can create AI generated images of people or animals to use in as avatars in online games. Websites, social media platforms or marketing campaigns.

You can generate images of customized products such as shoes or furniture to help sell those products online. You can create a logo and a brand. Now there’s lots of this going on on TikTok. Yeah, you can create a brand and a logo and products all using Mid Journey. So [00:07:00] it’s a bit controversial and.

Obviously a lot of designers would think, you know, what’s going on here. But we have had had a little play with this, haven’t we Angela? Yes, we have. Yeah. And um, the results were beautiful. 

Angela: Yeah. But again, it comes down to prompts. So we are trying to, I’m trying to, um, redo my brand and my website. So Sharon and I have talked about this a lot cuz Cheryl did the original website there was sort of moving it on.

I haven’t. Again, it comes down to being good at prompts cuz I sort of have an image in my head and I keep trying to create it with Mid Journey and it’s not creating what I’ve got in my head. But what is creating is incredible. So it’s trying to sort of meld those two together. So, You can, you really get the best outta mid journey, but you sort of get what you’re looking for as well.

Yeah. I 

Cheryl: had about 10 images come through over [00:08:00] the course. Two days. Same. What, what did you think of this one? What 

Angela: about, yeah. Yeah. And also trying to get it to learn it cuz I was trying to get it to do a monogram and I couldn’t get it to write. Do a H. It kept doing the A, but it wouldn’t do the H. And that’s again, all about me not writing the prompt correctly, but also I think over time the AI tool, learning what a lot of this stuff means as well, I guess.

So mid Journey will get better, but we as prompt writing prompt also get better. Yeah. But yeah, it is a , it’s so, it’s one of those. , like when you try and learn something where you find it frustrating, but then you get a bit addicted to it as well, isn’t it? You just . 

Cheryl: That’s why we’ve written a home episode on it.

Let’s be honest. 

Angela: Yeah, . Yeah, and we haven’t stopped talking about it. Another question I’m asked a lot when it comes to Midden is, who owns the copyright to create art for commercial purposes? To [00:09:00] sell as prints, uses logo design on separ with clients, then knowing who owns the copy. And how the images can be used is essential.

If you are creating art using Mid Journey for fun, you’re probably not too worried about copyright and IP issues. The short answer, as of July, 2022, the creator owns the copyright Mid Journey, made a change to their terms, effectively flipping the terms so the user has copyright of an image they have created, but.

Grant, a non-exclusive license back to mid journey. This applies to people on the paid plan. People using the free plan do not have commercial rights using their images. This is a really interesting one actually, because how clever is mid journey so that if somebody used the same prompt and created it, then created the same image, would it ever [00:10:00] create the exact same image?

I’m not. 

Cheryl: Well chat g p t, if you ask it the same question twice, it will, um, it, it will tell you the same answer. Right. So I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same for mid journey. 

Angela: Yeah. That’s gonna be interesting to see, isn’t it? And again, all down to the prompts. Yeah. Because I did see somebody the other day advertising themselves as an AI artist.

and I thought, oh, that’s interesting. How does that work? Because if you’re like, are you, are you really a prompt engineer, a really like an artist that can see an image and write a prompt because you are still relying on what the technology gives you, aren’t you? Yes. Interesting. That’s interesting.

There’s a, there’s a lot more to talk about this. First of all, really, you need to get yourself on discord. because that’s where you’re gonna get there [00:11:00] will be. And it, there are already a ton more, um, image generators out there. So mid Journey isn’t the only one. And we will talk about more and more and more as they come out daily.

It themes, but give mid journey a go because it is incredible, um, to use. So anyway, it spare hour when you’re looking through. Yeah, yeah. But limit yourself like. Don’t become addicted. Anyway, we hope you have enjoyed this episode. Join us next week as we continue our journey into the Metaverse. Bye for now.

Bye for now. Thank you for listening to this episode of Women of the Metaverse. 

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